Why We Love Linux

Privatejetscharter.net: Why We Love Linux

As a private jet charter company, our clientele is expecting refined, efficient, luxury on every leg of their journey. This includes our website and this is the reason Private jets Charter chose Linux and Open Source software to design our site.

Open Source gave Privatejetscharter.net the Flexibility to Grow Quickly

Running a private jet charter company is often like herding cats. Planes and orders arrive from all over the planet on a daily basis and all of this information must be flawlessly handled in order to satisfy our very demanding clients. This is a business that changes quickly and one where having enough of the right planes in the right places is critical.

Open Source software gave us the flexibility to quickly make changes to our software on demand. The lack of proprietary licenses means that we can use a variety of languages and solutions together including Java and PHP without having to worry about predefined limitations established by the software vendor. We simply haven’t enough time to deal with such nonsense.

When we need to grow our business quickly in a remote place like Western Australia there are already enough headaches as it is. Having Open Source software has given Privatejetscharter.net the agility it needs to be better than the competition. Our company has grown substantially during the last few years despite the sluggish economy in the United States and Europe. We attribute a large measure of this success to the use of Open Source and our excellent team.

Open Source Software Provides us with An Extra Layer of Security

Most online businesses are worried about the security of the information on their websites but for Privatejetscharter.net keeping the information about our clients confidential is critical to the survival of our business. Movie stars, sheiks and business moguls count on us to keep their information secure and confidential. Moreover, in the class of people we service, many of them know each other so if there are any problems other clients or potential clients are sure to hear about it. Our planes, crew and website must run flawlessly and quickly to keep our clients happy.

Open Source software gave us an extra level of security and speed that just wasn’t available through proprietary software. Our website has unique demands and we designed customized security for it that we are constantly changing and updating. Unlike static proprietary software that can be studied and then hacked in mass, attacking unique open source sites just isn’t profitable and it is much more difficult.

What Our Engineers Love About Open Source Software

The sky is the limit! Using Open Source software this is truly the case. Privatejetscharter.net is proud to have some of the most talented computer engineers in the business working for us. These are bright guys that wanted the freedom to use their extensive computer skills as they pleased to build the website in a manner that best suited the needs of our business. With Open Source they have this freedom and it has allowed them to produce a fast, amazingly beautiful and useful website that works seamlessly with the rest of our business.

Linux has given us a highly reliable posix compliant operating system and the best of class development tools available today. Our engineers have the freedom to code in a variety of ways and a worldwide support community to count on to answer questions when there are issues.

In a company with less talented individuals the complexity of Open Source and the lack of proprietary “support” might have been an issue. However, in our case our programmer’s experience combined with the vast Open Source support community has meant that our company has been very happy with the results.

In a previous life we used proprietary software and the tech support phone bills alone were a testament to the amount of time that was wasted trying to solve simple problems. In our business there just isn’t time for this type of “support.” A rival company will be more than happy to pick up any passengers we can’t (and these customers won’t come back).

Give Me Free Software or Give Me Death…

This is the new motto at Private jets Charter when it comes to computer software. Our line of business has enormous overhead and some of the strictest safety regulations on the planet. Our profit margins are always at risk and we just can’t afford to constantly update software licenses. This is an added expense that does nothing to improve our bottom line or keep us flying high.

There is a misunderstanding among much of the business community that Open Source software is fine for small blogs but that it can’t handle the needs of their company website. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Some of the largest and most prestigious websites on the planet use Linux including the Federal Aviation Administration, the US Department of Defense, Google and DreamWorks Animation to name only a few. Private jets Charter is happy to belong to such a prestigious crowd!


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