Why We Love Linux

Privatejetscharter.net: Why We Love Linux As a private jet charter company, our clientele is expecting refined, efficient, luxury on every leg of their journey. This includes our website and this is the reason Private jets Charter chose Linux and Open Source software to design our site. Open Source gave Privatejetscharter.net … Continue reading

Install a GoDaddy SSL certificate

Generate certificate for GoDaddy: openssl genrsa -des3 -out www.sample.com.key 2048 openssl req -new -key www.sample.com.key -out www.sample.com.csr Give to GoDaddy the contain of www.sample.com.csr Then you’ll receive a mail on the administrative contact of the domain mail address. After that you’ll receive from GoDaddy a zip file containing the cert, … Continue reading

Volume Manager CLI examples

display disk listings: # vxdisk list display volume manager object listings # vxprint -ht display free space in a disk group # vxdg -g <diskgroup> free list all volume manager tasks currently running on the system # vxtask list add a disk to Volume Manager (devicename = cXtXdX) (prompt driven) … Continue reading